Dreams Over Zero

A Couple o’ Glyphs

Usually when I start a new portfolio site I get overwhelmed with uploading and labeling decades’-worth of everything I’ve ever made, but this time I want to start off with something kinda new.

Ok, they’re not exactly NEW-new, but the pretty effects are new, and I’m going to be using them as part of a new project. These are two of forty-eight mysterious magical glyphs that have started to show up in Lausperia, my homebrew D&D world (stay tuned for more of that).

Yellow glyph magically floating above wooden disk (digital effects)Glyph burned into wooden disk (digital effects)

I made the original physical glyphs with shrinky-dink film, colored pencils, and markers. Then I scanned them and fiddled around in Photoshop.

48 glyphs arranged on a tray

They can be used as divination tools, a written language, and sigils in magic spells.

In the make-believe fantasy game world, that is.

Of course they’re not real magical tools.

Of course not.

That would be silly.

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