Dreams Over Zero

A Normal Day in DownTown Gri’x

I do so much work for other projects that doesn’t even make it over here to my main portfolio, and some of it really should. Here’s a piece I did for the Gri’x, a world I’m building where everyone’s dreams are reality. (Of course it’s based on my own dreams, but there are plenty of other people living in this dimension, and I don’t want to be their god.)

I’ve always loved cities–not so much the crowds, but the buildings, the angles, all the activity and lights and smells and grit and garbage and things being built and things falling apart.

I also have a terrible fear of tornadoes.

I made this composite picture from shots of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, and downtown Portland, Oregon. The yellow signs are warning drivers that they should look out for Block Hockey teams.

A downtown street with a vortex in the sky, sucking one of the skyscrapers out by the roots

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