Dreams Over Zero


I make noisy things.

Fair warning: Most of these were created before I learned anything about sound mixing. (Full disclosure: I still don’t know a whole lot about sound mixing.) I used a Korg N5 keyboard and the Audacity audio editor.

See, when I was little, it was the 70s and my mom listened to AM Gold radio every morning while I ate my cereal. It was not “Gold” back then; it was just “popular music”. All those songs are now stuck in my head. Forever. (Along with a few other songs that weren’t really AM Gold but still stuck in my head.)

Back in the early 00s I decided that as long as they were there, I’d make them do something interesting. I make no pretense about being a skilled musician, but here they are because they are fun, and what else am I going to do with them?

(If you want to hear really GOOD covers of AM Gold hits, go listen to Tragedy, who are doing exactly what I was trying to do here only 15 years later and much, much better.)

Delta Dawn
Original written by Larry Collins & Alex Harvey, covered by Helen Reddy, 1973

Seasons in the Sun
Original written by Jacques Brel/Rod McKuen, covered by Terry Jacks, 1974

When Will I Be Loved
Original written & performed by Phil Everly 1960, covered by Linda Ronstadt, 1975

The Rose
Original written by Amanda McBroom, performed by Bette Midler, 1979

Original written by Joe Meek, performed by The Tornados, 1962

If You Could Read My Mind
Original written & performed by Gordon Lightfoot, 1970

Rhinestone Cowboy
Original written by Larry Weiss, performed by Glen Campbell, 1975

Annie’s Song
Original written & performed by John Denver, 1974

Original written & performed by Frank Zappa, 1975

Heart & Soul
Original written by Frank Loesser & Hoagy Carmichael, 1938

Mah Na Mah Na
Original written by Piero Umiliani, 1968