Oh hey

YES, I’m starting over with a fresh new WP install. Wow, this template is awful. Who chose that greenish-gray totally non-threatening pastel background for the default theme? Yuck. Talk about making a non-statement. I’m on it!

LATER: Ah, that’s better. Good old Twenty-Eleven. My favorite. I really hate the new themes, with pictures all the way across the screen, flipping around as you try to scroll through and generally being a nuisance.

STILL LATER: So what am I planning to do with the site this time (other than fixing the background images and all the other custom stuff I still have left to do)? Welp, it’ll probably be a lot like all the other times I set up a WP site for my portfolio. This time I’m hoping I’ll be able to maybe actually complete all the info for the art in the portfolios. Regular new content would be nice, too, just in case I ever get followers on Patreon (note to self: must renovate and reactivate the Patreon page). And getting THINGS in online shops and putting links up to said THINGS.



When I get them into the shops, that is.

That’s what.