Surfing the Wave Functions

Green Storm, December 2021

This was an important piece for me. I learned a couple of lessons that apply not just in art, but in life as well:

I really loved the direction it was going, but I was trying a couple of new techniques, and every new step felt like I was just about to ruin the whole thing. I got paralyzed several times, just staring at the canvas, not daring to make a move on it. The only way I could progress was to take a risk and do something. 

But this is a picture of dynamic, chaotic motion. (I see a couple of towering ocean waves, if you want to know.) If I tried to control it too much, it would be ruined. Not only did I have to do something, but I couldn’t cling to a clear idea of what it was I was doing. The painting knew where it wanted to go. I just needed to work with it and see what happened.

These two lessons have served me well across the board, so there ya go. Now you try it.

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