Dreams Over Zero


Please pick your favorite excuse that I could use to explain not having updated my site for damn near a year:

  • A death in the family
  • Buying my first house
  • Moving across the country
  • Renovating my first house

Whichever one you pick will be correct, because THEY ARE ALL TRUE. (And even in that order!)

Corvin and I have had an awful lot on our plate for the past nine months, and there’s plenty more to come. I have gobs of new work to put up here, though, so I’ll try to get to that and get back on a regular blog schedule. In the meantime, please enjoy this blurry picture of the finished “Brown Crinkly” hanging over the mantle (in one of many rooms that we completely re-decorated…this house is going to be a showpiece all on its own!).

Also I have decided that I really don’t like this theme and I’m a little sick of WordPress in general, so we may be moving to another platform…one that was NEVER DESIGNED for blogging OR art portfolios! WHEEEE!!!

brown crinkly assemblage over fireplace mantle

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