Oh, It’s You Again

So I started a website (again) with WordPress (again) and now I have to prepare all my art to go online (again) and I’m really, really tired of doing that again and again and again.

As I wade back into the Plug-In pool and try to navigate around the new AI sharks I just keep feeling like, why bother? What am I even trying to do with this? I love the IDEA of having a website but it’s so much WORK and then I lose momentum and don’t post anything for months, and no one notices anyway.

(Not feeling sorry for myself there; it’s just been my experience so far.)

I’ve looked into so many art/writing host platforms, too (Patreon, BigCartel, Behance, etc…so many). They’re all swirling in my head now, they’re all basically the exact same thing, and NONE of them feel “right”. It’s all so sterile and monetized and cookie-cutter–and that includes WordPress–it feels like every one of them grinds the soul out of whatever content we put on them. Besides that, I’m just a basic-level webmaster. I don’t understand all the technical gobbledygook and I sure can’t afford an IT person who does.

But at the same time, I really don’t want to hide myself away and never put any work out there again. I like building websites. I have SO many ideas. And to be honest, I like showing off. I need an outlet.


FUCK THAT. I’m pulling it all back, I’ll just keep working for me and only me, this is pointless, I don’t want to play this game any more…

No. Stop. If we keep giving up and re-starting things, we’ll never get anywhere. (Not that we have a clear idea of where we’re trying to go, but still.)

Most of the issues with the site are not in my control.

I am NOT going to jump back into the round-and-round maelstrom of trying to find the “BEST” web host or the “BEST” platform for my content. That’s not productive. YES I could code the whole thing from scratch with plain ol’ HTML/CSS but I DON’T WANT TO. I just need to put stuff out there without making 50x more work for myself.

Let’s just see where this goes. 

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